Scenes from our Apartment in Paris

So its been what three long weeks since the return but I’m still playing catch-up. Remember the post on apartment hunting in Paris? Well here’s the follow-up – scenes from our stay. A very enjoyable stay I must add. Note tho – The French do not cater to the tall. And I’m no giantess, I stand at a mere 170m at best.

Through the doorway, the kitchen greets you. Simple, clean and functional. What more can one ask for? Well, the fact that I’m no genius in the kitchen compounds the lack of attention to details.

Leaving the kitchen, our quaint and cosy little dining area doubled up as a ‘dumping’ ground of sorts for our purchased loot, brochures, maps and pocket change, only serving its true purpose on the last day of our stay when we decided to have a dine-in night. That’s a story in itself for another day.

On the immediate left is sleeping quarter #1 – a sleeping bed catered for two [bottom left of picture]. Stacked atop, on the loft accessible via a short flight of stairs at the foot of the sofa bed is the ‘master bedroom’ that also sleeps two. I loved the layout of the studio and from night #1, I could see myself living in this particular apartment should I relocate to Paris.

At the foot of the bed, a deck overlooking the kitchen sits. A perfect area for a lounge chair, book in hand, hot chocolate on ‘stool doubled as table’ moments. As you can tell, I see the space as living quarters of my own already.

As mentioned in my original post, renting apartments is the way to go if you’re fretting over accommodation costs in Europe. You get value for your money living quarters, conditions and amenities miles better than most hotels, bed & breakfast and hostels you may find AND above all, it’s a home away from home, your chance to live like a local.

That’s me the giantess signing off for now. Details on our apartment on Rue Chapon can be found here. If you’re sweating buckets over accommodation across Europe, Halldis is a trusted partner and you can rest easy booking through them. I took that risk and found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so take that plunge, I’m positive there is no room for regrets.