Mezza9 Martini Bar – Happy Birthday Singapore!

I’ve been on an alcoholic binge. No more than what I use to inhale back in the agency days but definitely a stark upswing since I moved in-house. That familiar buzz, the freedom of laughter and that overt friendliness were old friends I’ve not visited for a while and it felt good to see them again.

So on the eve of National Day, to cheer a pal up, we went bar hopping to lift some spirits and well, celebrate the nation’s 45th independence anniversary.

We started the night off at Bar Canary at Grand Park Orchard. An outdoor space, it was the perfect spot to start a chill-out night under the stars, figuratively speaking. Between us three, we drained a bottle of white over an exchange of laughter and teasing. In less than an hour, we were on to our next hot spot feeling slight buzzed and me, with a pair of wooden chopsticks in my hair.


Making our way by foot, we crossed the street and headed towards Grand Hyatt Hotel which houses the Martini Bar at Mezza9. You probably won’t be able to find this glass-enclosed Martini Bar on your first visit unless you ask as its 2 entrances are tucked at the extremes of the Mezza9 which may explain the lack of a massive crowd even on weekends or public holidays.

We settled for a table right next to the bar with panels that allowed for a glimpse of Scotts Road. Upon settling, we placed our drinks after much deliberation and I allowed my eyes to roam, taking in and appreciating the interior decor. The grill and lamp before our table, I absolutely adored [pictured above, center]. To keep the alcohol at bay, a cheese platter was ordered accompanied by cashew nuts, compliments of the bar and let me tell you, those cashew nuts are highly addicted. Roasted to perfection enhancing the nuts’ fragrance with cracked black pepper added to that golden brown perfection, we were practically inhaling those nuts like chipmunks storing nuts in their cheeks for winter.

On to the stars of the night, the Martini Bar at Mezza9 offers a stunning array of 40 different martinis to suit every palette, well except the savory [which Bar Stories will offer]. Deciding to avoid the classics on round one, we ordered the Tiramisu, Lemon Custard and Watermelon martinis to start.

The Tiramisu Martini was as the name suggests and delivered the dessert in a glass the name promised. A concoction of Imperia-Russian Standard, Baileys, Kahlua, Espresso and Banana Liquer, we were off to a rocking start with that drink.

The Lemon Custard Martini came highly recommended from the pal who has visited the bar prior and I admit to being highly skeptical of the order and sipped gingerly at the drink only to find myself wanting to gulp it down. This glass comprised of Imperia-Russian Standard, Advocaat, Vanilla Liquer, Lemon Juice and Egg White. Tad squeamish knowing that fresh egg white went into the drink but man those flavors were so fresh and rewarding, that I was left lusting after the drink after that first sip. Everyone should have this when visiting the Martini Bar at Mezza9.

The bore in me, I ordered a Watermelon Martini to start with the excuse of wanting to freshen my palette before diving in. It was beautiful, simple and understated, a flavor I’ve long been acquainted with as its one of my favorite fruits in the world. A glass of this consists of Tanqueray Gin, Watermelon Liquer and Freshly Squeezed Watermelon Juice.

Soon enough, we were on to seconds and polishing off the cheese platter and cashew nuts like we’ve not eaten nor drunk in weeks. It was also at this time that the clock struck 12 and we toasted to the nation’s birthday. Yea, we patriotic like that.

Round 2 orders were a tad more adventurous and our table was served the following – Rick’s Cucumber [i know, sounds wrong], Hazelnut Martini and Vanilla Snow Martini.

So I’ve definitely found my sex in this drink – Rick’s Cucumber Martini. It’s almost the taste I’ve been searching to recreate since a chance order years ago of a cucumber based drink. A simple mix of Hendrick’s Gin, Fresh Cucumber, Lemon Juice and Brown Sugar with a Salt rimmed glass, I was taken on a sensory journey to satisfaction. This is my kinda drink, I don’t know about you.

The Hazelnut Martini was another winner of the night, finished with a white chocolate praline for a sweet end. The mix includes Absolut Vanilla, Frangelico, Vanille de Madagascar and a White Chocolate Praline.

Round two was reined in with a Vanilla Snow Martini featuring Absolut Vanilla, Creme de Cacao White, Vanilla Liquer and Cream. This did not suit my fancy as a result of my long standing aversion to milk and most things dairy. But hey, my friend who is a regular milk drinker loved every drop of it so don’t pass this up if you’re a milk/ vanilla person.

Round three was an order for the person on your right round and it resulted in a longer than usual deliberation and a deep need to focus and sober up from that giggly high state. Here’s the trio for the table – Espresso Martini, Saint Dragon Martini and a Dry Hendrick’s. The round also kinda gave insight into how well you know the next person’s taste.

The Espresso Martini was an all-round crowd pleaser with its coffee flavor perking up everyone at the table. The glass featured Imperia-Russian Standard, Kahlua, Espresso, Sugar Syrup and a dash of Frangelico.

The Saint Dragon was the order for me and it is very aligned with my preference for use of fresh fruits and vegetables in my drinks. Again, the flavor is as what one would expect but with good execution. The Saint Dragon comprises Imperia-Russian Standard, Saint Germain, Lemon Juice and Freshly Squeezed Dragon Fruit.

My order for the pal was a Dry Hendrick’s, a very masculine drink for a female only because of her preference for a good gin tonic whenever we head out for a drink. Tad strong for me but if you’re a gin tonic person, you should be able to appreciate this drink which consists of Hendrick’s Gin, Noilly Prat and Cucumber.

Round four, also known as the finale round. We’ve moved from bar side to the plush couch at the back of the bar. Snuggled in the comfortable softness and tucking in with glee on the chocolate chip cookies, compliments of the bar. Remember how I mentioned the cracked black pepper cashew nuts were addictive? Well, these chocolate chip cookies are premium and we switched our alliance to the sweet treat as we fought to keep the alcohol at bay with our next round of orders – Almond Martini, Berries Martini and the Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Martini.

The Almond Martini was pleasant but inferior to the Hazelnut Martini in my opinion, a concoction of Imperia-Russian Standard, Amaretto and Lemon Twist.

Another fruit based martini, no prizes for guessing who ordered it but the Berries Martini was the perfect way to round up the evening of drinks with its sweet, tart flavor and a refreshing zing provided by the mint leaves. The Berries Martini is a combination of Imperia-Russian Standard, Mixed Berries, Cranberry Juice and Mint Leaves. Satisfaction it was.

Last on the list is the Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Martini which is everything the name promised with no hidden nuances. I was shocked to learn that cayenne pepper was used in the drink but I guessed it did something to elevate the flavors and tie everything together – a mix of Absolut Vanilla, Baileys, Kahlua, Creme de Cacao Brown, Nutmeg and Cayenne Pepper.

You may have noticed we did not order the classic lychee martini and I’ll bet it tastes fabulous but with a selection of 40 martinis to choose from, why stick to the regulars? Till next time, I bid you adieu.

GETTING THERE – Martini bar at mezza9

Hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00am to 2.00am

Reservations: Please call +65 6732 1234

Dress Code: Smart Casual [strictly no singlets, bermudas, shorts or slippers]

Valet Service:  Available until 2:00 am daily