Cracked Up in Bangkok, Thailand

Since my first trip to Bangkok in 2009, every return trip to the city meant a promise of a cracking good time. If your mind’s in the gutter, please pull it right out ’cause all I’m referring to is a good old Thai massage.

Three trips in, at least four massage parlors tried and tested. I’ve definitely landed on a favorite and you stand to gain from my experience. I guess. Below are my top 3 massage spots to satisfy your Thai massage needs

Popular with the locals – Healthland Spa Thailand

A popular chain in Thailand, Healthland Spa is a hit with the locals as well. Go for the traditional Thai massage which lasts for 2 hours, valued at 450 baht. For a value for money deal, get a book of vouchers that entitles you to 10 visits for 3,500 baht! Perfect for those travelling in a group and intend to return for repeat visits.

I’ve visited the parlor at Sathorn and you can request for a private room at no extra charge if you’re sharing it with your pals. The only downer about Healthland Spa is its popularity and with that fame comes the crowds. Do book an appointment or be ready to wait if you decide to walk in.

Deets on Healthland Sathorn below, do visit their website on location of the other parlors.

Personal Favorite – Chambala Spa

Hands down winner for me is the Chambala Spa at Siam Paragon. Pricier than the other parlors I’ve visited but worth every cent at 700 baht for 2 hours worth of priceless stretching and deep massages. You’d never get anything at that standard and value in Singapore so don’t scrimp on having a good rub down.

As with all good places, be sure to make an appointment or you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Best secondary alternative – Lek Massage

Discovered this outlet on a desperate hunt for Thai massage after being informed that Chambala Spa was fully booked for the night. Wandering across from Siam Paragon to Siam Square, we stumbled across this stretch of streets which held a row of massage parlors and entered each one, asking for vacancies we did and Lek Massage managed to

accommodate all 4 of us at short notice. I did not have high expectations of the place but it proved to be better than I thought so if you find yourself stranded without an alternative options, Lek Massage is one to check out.

General tip – The massage is dependent on the skills and expertise of your masseuse so be sure to take down the name of your masseuse if you enjoyed the services so you won’t be let down on your return visit. Trust me, you WILL return for another massage sooner than than you expect.

And these are the faces of satisfaction post a good crack-up.