Take a Little Trip Around..

It’s the weekend. Movies, been there. Shopping, done that. What else is there to do on the little red dot? That’s the question that perplexed us one fine weekend and a fine solution we had – we take a boat and head out!

Destination kelong in the midst of the sea, we sped along [ok fine, chugged along] in old school bum boats departing from Changi jetty to the blob in the far off distance. Built predominantly with wood, this floating platform is home to the family that hosted us and it amazes me how people can live in such great content through simple means. Is it the lack of exposure that keeps them content or that one-ness with nature that keeps them whole? Guess I’ll never know eh?

The kelong experience was a change of pace, a different setting for the bunch of us to reconnect to simpler means and enjoy a dinner under the stars. Our dining area bobbled up and down like an unstable buoy in turbulent waters and we enjoyed the sunset as the host family fry up dishes for our dinner.

It was a short, simple but memorable dinner. And I’ll never forget the sunset, nor the ocean. The weekend just past, I tweeted my yearn to pick up fishing just for an excuse to be on a boat, under the vast sky and feeling one with the ocean. Till that happens, kelongs are an interesting experience too.