Everything is Everything

Everything is everything

The more I talk about it, the less I do control 

Everything, means everything 


Everything Starts as a Joke, Doesn’t It?

Now you’re out of control
And you can’t fill the hole
That was left by the thrill of the chase
You’re a right piece of work
All the flakes go berserk
Have you forgotten how good they taste

– Kaiser Chiefs, My Kind of Guy

The Pigeonhole, Singapore

One lazy Saturday evening, 3 pals decided the best thing to do after an afternoon of ‘dry swimming’ was to hole up someplace preferably air-conditioned, private, cosy and The Pigeonhole was the place of choice.

Tearing themselves from the comfort of the room, the journey was made and they found themselves in a laid-back space, much like the comforts of their home. Settling into a bright red couch at the back of the cafe a bottle of wine was ordered and the good times flowed.

The Pigeonhole is a ‘book cafe and dynamic arts space promoting local NGOs, music, film, performance & art.’ I appreciate it being a book cafe but the lack of variety was a tad amusing to me. With that bottle of wine though, we definitely were not planning to bury our noses in the pages and before long, we were lured into the charms of the simple yet cosy space.

Wine and laughs are accompanied by nibbles, at least at my table, they always do. The menu offered a limited selection in a legal-styled document. We kept flipping the page in the hope of uncovering a missing sheet but alas, it was not to be found. Masking our disappointment at the lack of variety, we selected two mains for sharing and decided we’d make up for the lack of chow with a wider selection of desserts.

What the men u lacked in variety, they made up for it in taste and the Mac & Cheese with Shrooms was magnificent. Rich flavors from a simple dish served in the right amount made us crave for another serving. That crust on top was a bonus and that extra bite served as a beautiful contrast to the creamy treat that laid below.

The other main also featured a pasta dish of interesting origins – salted egg yolk with scallops. Curious, a portion was ordered and suffice to say we were not disappointed.

The winning dish at The Pigeonhole for me was the Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding. I typically steer away from Bread & Butter Pudding as the milky flavor is an absolute turn off for me but this one won me over. The crisp broken down croissant crust and the moist pastry soaked in milk below with chocolate sauce mixed in contributed to a well-balanced flavor that surprised even me.

All in all, The Pigeonhole is a definite will return on my list just for the chilled out environment and the affordable wine list. *winks*