The Plain & simple, Singapore

i’m a hopeless egg-head.

head-over-heels addicted to eggs that a friend once suggested i marry the heir to seng choon farm.

the result of this addiction? – a penchant for brunch with the warm promise of an eggy treat. fathom my excitement when a friend suggested we visit a newly-opened cafe – The Plain

Located at Craig Road, The Plain is a Melbourne-styled cafe with an all-day breakfast menu. [Whoopin’ yet you brekker-fans?!]

 can’t say i know for certain if its a conscious touch but the interior/ menu follows through with the theme of ‘plain’ – clean, clear with no room for confusion. Ain’t got a visual but paint this picture – open space, clean lines, raw and absolutely delightful.

Kicking off with the everyone’s favorite day-starter – coffee. Being lactose-intolerant, i typically request for soy milk for my caffeine beverages and it was no different this time around. Presenting the soy latte..

it may have been an off-day for me, or the barista, but this cuppa wasn’t the most satisfying. the fact that i’ve heard many a rave-review from other peers who have been there, it may have been an oft-chance that this one didn’t make the mark. what i really LOVE is the presentation – served on a red dish like our ol’ school kopi-house, it’s a sheer delight when new skool meets ol’ skool  and east meets west. i was tempted to pour it on the dish and slurp up like how my grand-dad use to do it.

presenting the chow..

first up, we have the Darling Eggs [SGD $6.50 for 1/ SGD $11.50 for 2] made up of sourdough toast, roma tomatoes, cheese, ham and poached eggs. I would say that’s all your food groups covered, wouldn’t you? To whet your appetite, keep scrolling..

if like me, you prefer uncomplicated flavors, i’d recommend for you to tuck into the Plain Eggs [SGD $5 for 1/ SGD $8 for 2] – poached eggs on buttered sourdough toast. scatter on some crushed black peppercorns and savor the lovely, rich flavor of the eggs.

venturing into a childhood nightmare, the bunch of us decided to be adventurous and order a portion of the Dean’s Breakfast [SGD $6 for 1/ SGD $10.50 for 2]  – sourdough toast, cheese, poached eggs and VEGEMITE (that’s a real kicker). If you’re a vegemite fan (which i’m not) you might probably enjoy this my the mouthfuls.

so if you’re planning an eggy treat, be sure to ask me along yes?