A Saturday in the Park

In search of some greenery and away-from-home experience? P.S. Cafe at Ann Siang Hill is one of the top picks for me.

I found myself there this weekend just past and I love the lush greenery that surrounds this little shop house. The fact that its housed in a shop house doesn’t hurt. Entry into the cafe takes you up a flight of stairs through Ann Siang Park and you almost feel like you’re shedding the bustling roads of Singapore, thrown into a peaceful wonderland before you hit the landing and are welcomed by the familiar black and white checked tiles unique to the P.S. Cafe chain.

I’m no stranger to P.S. Cafe, frequenting the outlets at Palais Renaissance and Dempsey but the Ann Siang Hill branch is unique. For one, they bar the entry of children below the age of twelve. I do not have issues with children but the ambiance sans the shrill trills of active children does make a world of a difference.

Chow wise, P.S. Cafe has never failed to satisfy and here’s a low down of the calorie-laden brunch we inhaled.

Starting with a side, the Foutine was crisp, savory comfort food created to satiate most. The shoestring fries were infused with truffle oil and were crisp perfection, good enough on their own if you ask me. Enhanced, the fries were tossed with foie gras, mixed shrooms, red wine jus and swiss cheese. We couldn’t detect the swiss cheese in the final mix but that red wine jus-foie gras-shrooms mix was lip-smacking goodness.

Having had laksa for breakfast and absolutely craving nothing but armed with an insatiable appetite, I decided to let the one with the craves do the final orders and the mains were decided as such – Breakfast Sandwich, House Bolognaise and Big Bacon & Eggs on Toast. The Bolognaise, pictured above turned out to be the charmer for me that noon.

Starting with the breakfast sandwich, it is what I would call a nourishing meal. Simple, everyday ingredients chocked full with nutrients and freshness presented on a plate for consumption. Starting with the base of a well-made croissant, a  layer of well toasted bacon starts the sandwich off. Generous slices of avocado [my favorite buttery indulgence] follows and is topped with beautiful ripe slices of tomatoes, leafy green spinach and perfectly blanched asparagus. Another layer of bacon tops the greens and is followed by one of my favorite proteins – eggs, the yolk still runny. The sandwich is then finished with melted gruyere and the sandwich is toasted before service. A mess on the plate and in the hands but a symphony in the mouth.

The house bolognaise is comfort food plus. We’ve all had our fair share of pseudo-bolognaise where the tomato sauce is weak and bland, leaving little appetite to stomach yet another forkful. Well this tomato sauce is at the opposite end of the league. Rich, flavorful, sweet even with generous chunks of ground beef and bacon, leaving you craving for the next forkful. The spaghetti is well-tossed and every strand of the pasta was well-coated in the bolognaise. The flavor of this comfort dish was further enhanced with generous shavings of parmesan and topped with crispy basil leaves. This is one dish I would definitely return for brunch, lunch or dinner just for a pick-me-up.

Our little savory dig-in is wrapped with the big bacon & eggs on toast combo, your typical breakfast find. The elements I really loved were the smoked bacon and pesto button mushrooms, but again, I’m a HUGE fan of pesto so take my word with a pinch of salt. Every element on the plate gelled seamlessly together and made for what I would call a breakfast of satisfaction.

No meal is complete without dessert where I’m concerned and since my introduction to lemon based desserts in London, courtesy of Gordon Ramsay, I’m on the search for the best lemon desserts in the +65. So with no hesitation, I declared my desire for the steamed lemon cake. This was faced with mixed reviews at our table. I loved the citrus flavor that permeated the lemon custard sauce the steamed cake was bathed in and did not like so much the vanilla bean ice cream that topped the cake as it was a tad too creamy for my liking. My pals on the other hand loved the ice cream that topped the dessert and one of them found the lemon custard a tad too tart for her palette. As with everything, it is subjected to personal preference.

Sorbet was craved at the table but denied due to unavailability and we were sorely disappointed but not disheartened with an order of the burnt peach ice cream, a special on the day of visit. Again, I have issues with anything too creamy so this dessert does not get top marks from me as I found it somewhat cloying and far from refreshing which was what I was craving from that missing sorbet order. What I did love was the infusion of the burnt flavor via the caramel crisp that accompanies this dessert.

So if you’re craving some good chow and a little taste of the great outdoors without actually being outdoors, do head on down to P.S. Cafe at Ann Siang Hill for a retreat you will not regret. I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures under the vines after, I’m sure you would too!


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