Mei Heong Yuen [味香园] Desserts, Singapore

Another overcast day [note: in reference to day of write not post], and the way my wired brain works prompted me to dream of snow and when my tummy grumbled, all I can see in my mind’s eye is snow ice.

I remember when I was first introduced to this velvety delight, I was fascinated by the layers in the dessert reminiscent of the soft layers and folds of an unrolled bale of cloth. My mind was rejecting the texture of the dessert even before i stuck my spoon in as it tried and failed to comprehend the velvet folds of each shaved layer presented before me. I’ve had my fair share of iced desserts and nothing comes close to the texture of snow ice – creamy yoghurt; nope, shaved ice in ice kachang; not quite, frozen ice cream; far from similar.. There is just no comparison.

Tracing the history of Mei Heong Yuen [味香园], I was surprised to learn that the brand is rooted in the iconic Farmer Brand groundnuts. I grew up inhaling these peanuts at my grandma’s place and still do, actually. The menu at Mei Heong Yuen [味香园] features 15 different flavored snow ice, all of which are very familiar local flavors like durian and chendol with a mix of familiar and generally well-accepted flavors like strawberry, chocolate and mango.

My favorite offering is the peanut snow ice – fragrant, uncomplicated flavor that is true to the original ingredient. I can easily polish off two servings of this by myself. It is that good.

Being an all-time sesame fan, the sesame snow ice is a crowd pleaser but I do wish the fragrance and flavor of the seed was stronger. The red bean served on the side is divine and I would love to be able to order that just off the menu for a “healthy” snack.

The yin yang twist on the sesame snow ice is the almond-sesame snow ice. A beautiful blend and presentation. I’m not an almond fan but from the reactions I get at our table every time, I gather its a winning taste.

For a fruity kick, go for the mango-strawberry duo. Not only are the colors gorge-ass but it packs a fruity punch that will send your taste buds trippin’.

Mei Heong Yuen [味香园] can be found at Ion Orchard and Temple Street. Be warned though, it’s always packed.


Chinatown Outlet
63 – 67 Temple street
63-67 号, 牛车水登婆街 
Tel: 6221 1156
(Chinatown MRT)
Orchard Outlet
Ion Orchard, Unit B4 – 34
Tel: 6509 3301
(Orchard MRT)

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