Of arrondisements and accommodations, Paris

Approximately a month to go till we leave for London/ Paris and boy have we been doing the leg work – from planning itineraries, researching go-to places for chow, vintage shopping and attractions to the mundane of figuring out the transportation systems and exchange rates. But one activity has captivated my heart – apartment hunting.

Honest to goodness, I can’t wait to start hunting for a place of my own. *head in clouds moment*

Back to Paris, thought I’d share some of the accommodation tips I’ve gathered in my journey to securing one for our stay there.

First point to note: Paris is arranged in 20 arrondisements, in a clockwise spiral with the 1st on the right bank of the Seine. You can easily google up a map for reference. What I love about the system is that it makes travel planning that much easier as you lay out your itineraries and location for stay based on the areas that holds your interest best. This means increased efficiency, less travel to and from your desired hotspots and ease of navigation.

So, you’ve figured out your flights to Paris. The next logical step is to book that accommodation so you don’t end up sleeping on the streets [though that’d be an experience in itself]. Here’s the second tip – rent an apartment. It’s the most value for money proposition you can find in this French city. For the same amount, you get better maintained units, spaciousness, privacy and the chance to live out that secret fantasy of being a Parisian. What’s not to love? Bonus – you get to throw your own party and do a spot of grocery shopping.

These are the links we waded through and shortlisted in our search phase which you can hit up:

Paris-Sharing: ParisSharing is a new approach to vacation rentals, home exchanges, B&B in Paris and beyond. It’s all about authentic and unique places to stay, friendly people to welcome and assist you.

FlipKey: FlipKey is a vacation rental marketplace with more than 100,000 rentals around the world. Find the perfect place to stay for your trip, and get great value along with the space, privacy and amenities of home.

ParisRentalConnections: Paris Rental Connections offer Paris and London accommodation for holiday vacation rentals or corporate lets. The apartments are fully furnished and have free high speed internet connection.

ParisPerfect: Our hand-picked Paris vacation rentals offer every comfort in the heart of the city. Walk through charming streets to markets, boutiques and monuments. Wander home along the Seine at sunset to your luxury apartment with dazzling Paris views. The perfect location, the perfect apartment, the perfect stay – Paris Perfect.

ParisInsight: Paris Insight offers that unique combination – an apartment, a short term rental, your little home in Paris – and personalized, off-the-beaten path walking tours of Paris.

Halldis: Halldis creates tailor-made solutions for travellers looking for an alternative to the traditional hotel. Its rich portfolio consists of centrally located apartments available on a turnkey basis, with a minimum nights and competitive prices for long stays.

Saved the best for last and here’s a peak at our apartment during our stay there. We settled for a loft style studio apartment in the 3rd arrondisement and were lucky to secure the place which was pretty recently renovated in August 2010. What caught my fellow travel mate’s eye was the angel on the exterior of the 18th century period building.

Behold the kitchen..

Revealing the living space..

Stairway to heaven..

Unveiling the boudoir..

Just writing this is painting a smile like no other on this face. Let the countdown begin and stay tuned for post stay updates. Here’s where I leave you with a wide grin and wink, till next time.


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