M1NT, Shanghai, China – Party like a Rockstar

I’ve not held back my adoration of Shanghai as a cosmopolitan city, a city close to my heart and a potential place for a long haul stint should the opportunity arise.

That said, one of the reasons why I love Shanghai so much is the nightlife there and M1NT was one of the places I visited during my short trip there last year.

The first thing I noticed and fell in love with was the interior design and decor of the space – stylishly chic with impeccable taste in individual pieces that heightened M1NT’s status as a glamorous destination.

Stationing ourselves at the bar for starters, like moths drawn to light, I was mesmerized by the overhanging display at the bar. As i said, impeccable taste.

Pulling myself from the draw of the display, we flipped through the menu and ordered our drinks without much deliberation and definitely no hesitation. The cocktail bar offered a respite from the adjacent club as groups gathered by the elegant stainless steel bar centered in the room. I had my regular – a mojito but if you’re adventurous, do try some of their signature cocktails!

Moving on to the main draw, M1NT club offers some of the best beats. According to the club’s website, it’s an ‘international mash-up of old-school house, electro, pop and R’n’B, combined with the latest and best tunes doing the club circuit the world over ensuring a night to remember.’ Genre of music spun while I was there I do not remember but a ‘night to remember’ it was. The crowd speaks for itself..

Till the next post, stay elevat[ed]. Peace out.



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