Strictly Pancakes, Singapore

When you put off a craving, it bites back twice as hard. That was me two weeks ago suffering from an undeniable pancake crave so I rustled up a mate, pulled myself out of bed on a Sunday [yes, unbelievable!] to visit a joint that serves nothing but that one thing i crave, PANCAKES.

I’ve long heard about Strictly Pancakes but never had the opportunity to visit and I took it into my own hands to schedule a visit to satisfy that crave. Such was luck, upon arrival, misty eyed from the relatively early wake… there place was filled and there wasn’t a seat for me. With slumped shoulders, I placed myself on the wait list and we decided to stroll over to the mall on the opposite side of the street to catch some cool drafts from the air-conditioning.

Upon return, we watched a table check out and found ourselves placed at a table before the counter and a chalkboard menu [major love right there], devouring the menu with an intensity driven by pure hunger and rapidly made our selections. It was a major bummer that we missed the weekend breakfast menu by a mere fraction of a second but I made up for it with a customised order.

Let’s start with the Chocolate Peanut-Butter Milkshake [SGD5.00], that combination of sweetness and the saltiness perked me up almost immediately. What I really love about a good milkshake is the consistency and this one definitely made the mark for me, keeping that rich creaminess ’till the very last gulp.

As if teasing us, the staff served up the maple syrup and garlic herb butter that I had ordered with my customised short stack. I’m not sure I’m a 100% behind this procedure but I do wish they serve this up just before our orders arrive so as to manage that expectation of the arrival of our food. On a separate note, I love how they offer up butter options to go with your pancakes. Choose from salted, unsalted, garlic herb and rum & raisin.

After about a 20 mins wait, our mains were finally served and tuck in with gusto we did.

Going for the customised order, I picked a short stack [that’s 2 pancakes for SGD5.50] with 3 out of the 5 side dishes available *sheepish grin* – scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms and chicken chipolata [at SGD2.50 each]. That brought the total to SGD13.00 for my customised order which I must say ain’t too shabby. Taste wise, I was left less than satisfied. The pancakes were well-flavored and fluffy BUT the entire dish did not tie together. It felt like each component was cooked and popped on a plate and I could not enjoy the combination of the flavors which was a bummer. Expecting gooey, thick, syrupy maple syrup, I was once again left disappointed as the maple syrup served was thin and runny, lacking the fragrance that I was expecting of a good maple syrup. Would I return for this? No.

The mate order a What-A-Spread! which was not quite the spread i expected. This dish is built with a medium stack of peanut butter pancakes [3 pancakes] layered with Nutella and served with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream and two sticks of Kinder Bueno. Perhaps my expectations of the dish were too high but it was a visible letdown upon service as it was not quite the spread I had envision would come with such a name. Taste wise, the peanut butter pancake lacked in peanut butter flavor and actually tasted like salted pancakes to be honest and was not entirely palatable to me. As with the customised order I had, I found that the individual components of the dish were best enjoyed as separate entities and did not work together to enhance the overall flavor. A pity really.

I left Strictly Pancakes with a crave settled but dissatisfied. I would not return again on my suggestion, but that’s just me.


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